How to Create a page on Google Plus

We will deal with a tutorial on How to Create a Page on Google Plus today. Unless you have been living under a rock for months now, you must be knowing about Google Plus! Its a brand new and cool social networking site by Google which is currently under public Beta, and if you are not on Google Plus, go and join Google Plus now. Just like Facebook pages, which all business, organisations and websites have, Google Plus also recently launched the ability to create pages. This simply took Google Plus to the next level, with many of the the pages on google plus already having thousands of like (eg. +youtube).

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Advantage you get when you Create a page on Google Plus

Creating fan pages is always a cool way to interact with your fans. On Google Plus you can plus 1 the page and individual posts on that page must the same way you can on Facebook and it also provides an option to add the page to your circles, which helps to get the page’s post updates, and works much in the same way as subscribing for the updates! You can also use Google Plus as the page, again much the same way like Facebook.

Salient features of pages on Google Plus

  1.  You can add the Google Plus 1 button to your site so that people can +1 your page directly from your website.
  2. Google+ Direct Connect is perhaps one feature Google plus pages did not inherit from Facebook. If your page is much talked about, has a lot of +1’s and followers, your pages will have Google+ Direct Connect enabled. When any-one searches on Google with “+YourPageName”, and your page is direct connect enabled, it will take you directly to the page concerned.
  3. Hangouts – Connect directly with your community via live video chats that can put you face to face.

The idea of Google integrating Google Plus with its search results will be useful and a attraction to bloggers and web developers.

How to Create a page on Google Plus

Creating Google plus page is simple.

  1. Goto the “Create a Page Page of google plus or click on the image below!
    Create a page on google plus

    This is where you can create a page on google plus from


  2. Then Pick a category for your page :

    Pick a category for your google plus page

    Pick a category from the page

  3. Set up your page, popularize it, get more +1’s and followers and give a morale boost to your site or blog. Add description, website etc.

Have you created a page on Google Plus already and looking for followers and +1’s? Comment in the form below with your google page link and we will like it for you. Also do not forget to like Technovalley’s Google Plus Page.